Fauna Ibérica Series

The series of monographs entitled Iberian Fauna represent an on-going research project whose main objective is the study of biological diversity on the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. This series, written by specialists, covers a large number of animal groups, from sponges to mammals, within the ibero-balear region.
The monographs are midway between scientific works appropriate for taxonomists and field guides for the general public. They have been designed to be useful to a wide range of users - professionals, students as well as amateurs.
The monographs are not published regularly and their numbering follow a chronological rather than systematic order. The lowest taxonomical level is thatt of family. In the case of large taxonomical groups, several issues may be dedicated to each family.
An important part of each volume is focused on systematics such asidentification keys and complementary descriptive notes. Information on world and ibero-balear geographical distribution and updated biological data of each species is also included.


Fauna Ibérica Documents Series

The "Fauna Ibérica Documents" series was created as a complement to the Fauna Ibérica monographs and contains much useful zoological information that was not published in the Fauna Ibérica series. This series includes: other taxonomical information (catalogues of animal groups, lists of species), corological data (distribution maps), bibliographical documentation, etc... Two volumes of this series have been published to date and another volume of this series, which will contain checklists (checklists) of animal species in the ibero-balearic region, is expected to be published in the near future.


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Oceanographic Expedition Series

The combined results of the different oceanographic campaigns is published in this series. The series includes information on: the different methodologies used in the expeditions, a complete list of sampled stations, a summary of preliminary results of the different marine animal groups found, and commentaries regarding the different marine communities sampled.


Online Publications from the Fauna Ibérica Project