'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 28 - Hemiptera, Aphididae III

J.M. Nieto Nafría, , M.P. Mier Durante, F. García Prieto y N. Pérez Hidalgo

Madrid 2005. 362 pp. ISBN: 84-00-08406-3.


This volume is the third of the series Fauna Ibérica devoted to aphids (Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha Aphididae). The volume commences an analysis of the most extensive subfamily, Aphidinae, starting with the tribe Aphidini, which includes the genus Aphis that gives its name to the entire group. To better understand this complex genus, for the first time in this series, a CD-ROM has been prepared including photographs of specimens representative of the 113 species described so far in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, along with a list of the botanical families acting as hosts for all Aphis species. The volume includes the habitual identification keys and descriptions (including 59 original plates), as well as information on the biology and distribution of the taxa of the tribe dealt with: its subtribes Aphidina and Rhopalosiphina, its 17 genera and subgenera, and its 144 species. Besides the habitual appendices of nomenclature and host plants, the volume includes an appendix listing species of mutualist ants.



• Introducción
• Los Aphidinae (Aphididae) Ibéricos

Subfamilia Aphidinae
Tribu Aphidini
Subtribu Aphidina
Género Anthemidaphis
Género Aphis
Género Brachyunguis
Género Cryptosiphum
Género Ephedraphis
Género Protaphis
Género Toxoptera
Género Toxopterina
Género Xerobion
Subtribu Rhopalosiphina
Género Hyalopterus
Género Hysteroneura
Género Melanaphis
Género Rhopalosiphum
Género Schizaphis

• Bibliografía
• Apéndice 1. Nomenclatura: Lista de sinónimos y combinaciones
• Apéndice 2. Lista de plantas hospedadoras en la península Ibérica e islas Baleares
• Apéndice 3. Relaciones pulgón/hormiga y hormiga/pulgón
• Apéndice 4. Álbum de fotos de hembras vivíparas ápteras de las especies íbero-baleares del género Aphis Linnaeus, 1758 (CD-ROM)
• Índice alfabético de nombres taxonómicos de Aphidinae (Aphididae) íbero-baleares

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