'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 19 - Hemiptera, Aphididae II

J. M. Nieto Nafría, M. P. Mier Durante, A. Binazzi y N. Pérez Hidalgo

Madrid 2002. 309pp. ISBN: 84-00-08098-X.


This monograph of the “Fauna Ibérica” series is the second part of a study devoted to aphids of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha Aphididae). Ninety-four aphid species belonging to 3 of the total 15 subfamilies (Lachninae, Eriosomatinae and Pterocommatinae) found in the Ibero-balearic aphid-fauna are discussed here. The book is illustrated with 119 plates of original line drawings and 6 colour plates showing Eriosomatid galls. The monograph also provides keys to genera and species based on viviparous females and galls induced by aphids on their host plants (subfamilia Eriosomatinae). In addition, it contains detailed descriptions of morphological and biological characters, and the distribution of each species. The bibliography of these groups has been updated, and two appendices have been included —one containing aphid nomenclature and the other a list of aphid host plants on the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands.



  • • Introducción
  • • Los Aphididae ibéricos
    • Subfamilia Lachninae
    • Tribu Eulachnini
    • Tribu Lachnini
    • Tribu Tramini
    • Subfamilia Eriosomatinae
    • Tribu Eriosomatini
    • Tribu Fordini
    • Tribu Pemphigini
    • Subfamilia Pterocommatinae
  • • Bibliografía
  • • Apéndice 1. Nomenclatura: Lista de sinónimos y combinaciones
  • • Apéndice 2. Lista de aves hospedadoras en la Península Ibérica y Baleares
  • • Indice alfabético de nombres taxonómicos de Aphididae íbero-baleares
  • • Anexo


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